Tuesday, March 16, 2010

They've Got Balls

The winner of Mom's Birthday GiveAway is "McVal" from Sew Not My Day.

But nobody puts Macey in a corner. "Mimi" of Living in France was #2.

Congrats ladies. Thanks for playing along.


  1. Teehee!! Thank you!!! I can't wait for my balls. :)

  2. Leave it to McVal to win some loot - and tomorrow is her SITS day. She is on a roll....

    The baskets are really quite lovely :-) Lookey me getting all serious. It takes someone like you Savant to bring out that quality...

  3. Congratulations on the shiny orbs!

    (Somehow, that sounds dirtier than balls...)

  4. Not sure what these are or what you do with them, but they are pretty and shiny so I like them.....

  5. Hrmph.


    You can make it up to me with my John Mayer ticket, please.

  6. i wish i could say congrats from the bottom of my heart, but alas i am not a liar...


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